Old Wheel Southern Pacific Rail Maps

A Focalplane Resource

This series of 18 Plates were included in the classic anthology "A Century of Southern Pacific Steam Locomotives". As loose attachments to the book, many copies will have been lost and, as the introduction states, the maps were never sold separately. They date from the 1920s when the railroad was at its peak. The maps have been carefully scanned at a high resolution and saved as jpegs, each around 2 Megabytes in size. If you mouse over each thumbnail the title of the map should show, then click on any chosen map and save the large image to your hard drive. The detail is amazing. A "must have" for any EssPee enthusiast!

Click on a thumbnail to view the image - average file size is ~2MB - then save image to your computer

Introduction Plate 1 - Portland Division Map 2 - Shasta Division Map 3 - Sacramento Division Map 4 - Salt Lake Division Map 5 - Western Division (Oakland) Map 6 - Stockton Division Map 7 - Coast Division (San Francisco) Map 8 - San Joaquin Division
Map 9 - Los Angeles Division Map 10 - Tucson Division Map 11 - Rio Grande Division Map 12 - New Mexico Division Map 13 - The West Coast Route (Mexico) Map 14 - San Antonio Division Map 15 - Dallas and Austin Divisions Map 16 - Houston Division Map 17 - Victoria Division
Map 18 - Lafayette Division